Belt sizing is sometimes tricky business.  Different belt makers measure differently.

Vanguard Belts will make it simple for you.  Take an existing belt you are currently wearing, lay it out on a flat surface, and measure from the end of the buckle to the belt hole you are currently using.

That measurement is the belt size you should order.

Belt Sizing Diagram

If the belt that you receive does not fit properly, Vanguard Belts will work with you to get you a belt that fits.

Also, if you do not see your belt size listed for a given product, it just means there is currently no belt in stock for that size.  Please send an email to request your size (any size), and a belt will be made just for you.

Contact Vanguard Belts via e-mail at:

(A note on "vanity sizing":  Vanguard Belts does not believe in vanity sizing, meaning reducing or increasing the numerical size of the belts by one or several inches in order to protect the feelings of the wearer.  Vanguard Belt sizing reflects real-world measurements from end-of-buckle to the center belt hole at the opposite end.  That's it.  If you are uncomfortable with, or in denial of your actual waist size, you will not find comfort here.  It is the goal of Vanguard Belts to offer you a belt that fits properly regardless of your size.  It serves no purpose to muddy the waters with false pretenses about real-world measurements.  Vanguard Belts likes you just the way you are.  So should you.)